Jack Brogan at his studio reproducing "Charles Arnold: Untitled, Colored Wax on Glass, 1970" , 2010
Who is Charles Arnold? Why go to the trouble of faking a catalogue about a show “he” never took part in? Why replace Charles Arnoldi, and not one of the other 12 artists featured in the exhibition? Perhaps our questions should be rather thus formulated: “how is art history written, and by whom?"

Starting from Charles Arnold’s missing “i”, Galerie C&V have developed an extensive archive of evidence. At Essays and Observations they focus on lines of inquiry pertaining to the artwork depicted in the fake catalogue page. This object has been reproduced for Galerie C&V by Jack Brogan’s studio in Los Angeles, which has been responsible for the production of many emblematic Californian artworks since the 1960s. The title “Suitable for Framing” questions the status of that object, particularly in relation to the actual Californian artworks shown simultaneously at the Martin Gropius Bau